Choose the solution to this inequality. 7/2≥b+9/5

Accepted Solution

The solution to the given inequality is [tex]b\leq 1.7[/tex]Inequalities From the question, we to determine the solution to the inequality.To determine the solution of the inequality, we will determine the value of the variable. The variable in the given question is b.The inequality can be solved as shown below.[tex]\frac{7}{2} \geq b + \frac{9}{5}[/tex]Multiply through by 10That is, [tex]10 \times \frac{7}{2} \geq 10\times b + 10\times \frac{9}{5}[/tex]This becomes [tex]5 \times 7 \geq 10b + 2 \times 9[/tex][tex]35 \geq 10b + 18[/tex]Now, subtract 18 from both sides[tex]35 - 18\geq 10b + 18-18[/tex][tex]17 \geq 10b[/tex]This becomes, [tex]10b \leq 17[/tex]Divide both sides by 10[tex]\frac{10b}{10} \leq \frac{17}{10}[/tex][tex]b\leq 1\frac{7}{10}[/tex]OR[tex]b\leq 1.7[/tex]Hence, the solution to the given inequality is [tex]b\leq 1.7[/tex]Learn more on Inequalities here: