Fundraising The track team needs new uniforms. The students plan to sell plush toy eagles ​(the school​ mascot) for​ $5 each. The students find three companies​ on-line that sell stuffed mascots. Company A sells 12 eagles for ​$34.20. Company B sells 15 eagles for ​$42.45. Company C charges ​$45.12 for 16 eagles. Which company has the best​ buy? SHOW WORK!!!!!

Accepted Solution

Answer:Company CStep-by-step explanation:The first thing you want to find is called the unit price. So, in order to do that, you will have to divide the price by units. Let's start with company A. 34.20 divided by 12 = $2.85. So, that is the price for 1 eagle. Next, you divide 42.45 by 15, which equals $2.83. Finally, 45.12 divided by 16 = 2.83. So, what I did was put them in a chart like organization as shown below.A = 2.85B = 2.83C = 2.82The best price would be the one that is cheapest. So, Company C is the best buy because it is the cheapest per one eagle. Hope this helped!