Kevin is 3 years older than Daniel. Two years ago, Kevin was 4 times as old as Daniel.Let k be Kevin's age and let d be Daniel's age.Which system of equations represents this situation?a. d=k+3 d-2=4(k-2)b. k=d+3 k-2=4(d-2)c. d−2=(k−2)+3 d=4k d. k−2=(d−2)+3 k=4d​ ​

Accepted Solution

Answer:B .As Kelvin(k) is 3 years older than Daniel(d),to make their age equal 3 is added to d in first case and in second case; 2 years ago Kelvin was 4 times as old as Daniel .So,k-2=4(d-2). 2 years is deducted from their present age and for Daniel it is multiplied by 4.