PLZ HURRY Part A:Find the measure of the following angles:<1<2 <3. Show your work to justify your answers. Earn up to 1 point for each missing angle with the correct answer and work shown.Part B: Answer the following question in 1-2 complete sentences. How is the measure of <1 and the measure of <2 related to the exterior 123° angle?

Accepted Solution

Answer:<1:88<2:65<3:115Step-by-step explanation:Since we know that a line and the inside of a triangle equals 180 than we can use that to identify the missing angles.Using what we know about a line we can subtract 92 from 180 and we get 88, knowing that angle 1(<1)is the only angle that rest on that line than we know that <1 is 88.(to check this you can add 92 plus 88 and you get 180)Then switching hands,we can now figure out the interior missing angle 2(<2).There are two ways you can do this,Add all the interior angles together and then subtract from 180(88+57=145 then 180-145=35)or you can subtract all the known interior angles and then the answer is your missing angle(180-57-88=35).Now switching again, in order to find <3 then you have to find which number falls on the angle which we are looking for.Which would be 35 or <2.Now all you have to do is subtract 180-35=145 Part B:I agree with the other person below⬇⬇⬇