Standard Deviation (50 points) Dr. Cwetna recorded all of the grades on a unit test on the chart below. What is the mean and standard deviation of the distribution of individual grades? (18 points) 1. = _______________2. = _______________ Identify the following and label the dot-plot above (4 points each) 3. = _______________ and _______________ 4. = _______________ and _______________ 5. = _______________ and _______________ Find the percentage of test scores within each range listed above. 6. (4 points) Does the data indicate a normal distribution? ______________ 7. (6 points) Why or why not? 8. (10 points) We want to know the probability that a student selected randomly from her class would have an β€œA” (90 or above) in her class. Find the probability. Explain HOW to find the probability

Accepted Solution

Answer:Step-by-step explanation:do you have options for the blanks?